Technology & Design Tutor, Southern Cross University

2006 – 2007
Client: Southern Cross University, School of Education
Project: Bachelor of Technology Education, Communications Technology & Design units I & II
Role: Casual Tutor

  • Wrote course materials for Communications Technology & Design II
  • Presented tutorials for Comms I (VectorWorks) & Comms II (Video/DVD)
  • Marked student portfolios and reported to Course coordinator

Animation production/Technical support

Client: Regular Wildcat
Project: Glass Love – a film by Andrew Kidman
Role: Animation Post-Production, Final Cut Pro Consultant, Apple Mac Consultant

Provided technical consulting support to Andrew Kidman.
Scanning and compositing Mark Sutherland’s hand-painted animation for Glass Love.

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A frame from Mark Sutherland's animation
A frame from Mark Sutherland's animation