Short Film/Music Video

A frame from the video

Client: Self – Rosie and The Thorns
Project: Music Video
Role: Producer, Editor

GET SWEET selected for screening at New York Surf Film Festival 2010 and Byron Bay Film Festival 2011

Music Video made from original late 1970’s super-8 surf/skate footage for my band Rosie and The Thorns.

In the late seventies Andrew Seymour and Murray Ingersole used an 8mm camera to film their friends (including my husband Mark) surfing, skateboarding and just goofing around. They made two 30 minute films, Little Tuesday and Surfarosso Antiko, and presented an entire show including cinema advertising by ‘Val Lander’ for such items as Murray’s Durries (fictional) and Rock Pool surfboards. They cued the soundtrack live from a record player, with epic tunes from bands like The Doors and Fleetwood Mac. The live production was recorded onto VHS and resurfaced recently to be transferred to DVD for family and friends. The footage captures the lifestyle of the late seventies in Australia so well that I couldn’t resist using it for a video clip. Having the cover of a Beach Boys song on the album made it the obvious choice…

Watch the video clip:

Music Video

A frame from the video

Client: Self – Rosie and The Thorns
Project: Music Video
Role: Producer, Editor

Low-budget video for my band Rosie and The Thorns

Shot on HDV and edited in Final Cut Pro. For this dark little song, we asked our Facebook fans to send us two photos of themselves…

Watch the video clip:

Short Film edit

Last Hope

Client: Albert Falzon
Project: Morning of The Earth segment for Andrew Kidman/Spunk Records
Role: Digital Video Editing

Edited Morning of the Earth footage to the music of Bonnie Prince Billy. Directed by Albe Falzon. This piece was included in the Last Hope DVD and in screenings of Last Hope on tour Australia/USA, including the The New York Surf Film Festival 2009.

For more information on the Last Hope film go to

Last Hope

Video edit

Client: Self
Project: Tamworth Festival Video Diary
Role: Producer, Director, Digital Video Editing

A light-hearted look at my trip to Tamworth in 2008 as a Toyota Star Maker Finalist. This video has over 15,000 views on YouTube so far!

It was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time and really made me feel like I had found a musical home. While I’m not a mainstream country artist, the Country music sensibilities of honesty, story and melody resonate with my songwriting – and we found a whole new audience!

Music Video/EP design

Client Lea Gillard
Project: Mercy EP – Extended CD with music video
Role: Director, Digital Video Editing, Cover art

Created all artwork for CD cover and disc to press-ready standard.
Ultra-low budget film clip shot on miniDV and edited in Final Cut Pro.

Mercy EP cover
Mercy EP cover
Mercy EP disc art
Mercy EP disc art

Band member/management

2004 – 2006
Client Lea Gillard’s Rock Chic
Project Seven-piece show band
Roles Band Manager, Musician, Performer

An autonomous role within the band as a performer and manager.

  • Singer/songwriter/musician
  • Liaise with agents and venues for bookings, invoicing and payment
  • Posters, CD and DVD cover artwork
  • Press releases and newspaper interviews
  • Live radio interviews & performances (2BBB, 2NVR…)
  • Produced Promotional DVD with videos and slideshows

Lea Gillard’s Rock Chic - Promo Postcard
Lea Gillard’s Rock Chic – Promo Postcard