Short Film edit

Last Hope

Client: Albert Falzon
Project: Morning of The Earth segment for Andrew Kidman/Spunk Records
Role: Digital Video Editing

Edited Morning of the Earth footage to the music of Bonnie Prince Billy. Directed by Albe Falzon. This piece was included in the Last Hope DVD and in screenings of Last Hope on tour Australia/USA, including the The New York Surf Film Festival 2009.

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Last Hope

Video edit

Client: Self
Project: Tamworth Festival Video Diary
Role: Producer, Director, Digital Video Editing

A light-hearted look at my trip to Tamworth in 2008 as a Toyota Star Maker Finalist. This video has over 15,000 views on YouTube so far!

It was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time and really made me feel like I had found a musical home. While I’m not a mainstream country artist, the Country music sensibilities of honesty, story and melody resonate with my songwriting – and we found a whole new audience!

CD/EP release

Client Self
Project Original music
Roles Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Sound Mixing, Cover art

The Crazy Talk EP was recorded at Mark Well’s Footprints Studio and in my home studio. Mixing was done by Mark Wells and I completed final vocal mixing and mastering.

Crazy Talk EP cover
Crazy Talk EP cover

Technology & Design Tutor, Southern Cross University

2006 – 2007
Client: Southern Cross University, School of Education
Project: Bachelor of Technology Education, Communications Technology & Design units I & II
Role: Casual Tutor

  • Wrote course materials for Communications Technology & Design II
  • Presented tutorials for Comms I (VectorWorks) & Comms II (Video/DVD)
  • Marked student portfolios and reported to Course coordinator

Animation production/Technical support

Client: Regular Wildcat
Project: Glass Love – a film by Andrew Kidman
Role: Animation Post-Production, Final Cut Pro Consultant, Apple Mac Consultant

Provided technical consulting support to Andrew Kidman.
Scanning and compositing Mark Sutherland’s hand-painted animation for Glass Love.

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A frame from Mark Sutherland's animation
A frame from Mark Sutherland's animation

DVD design

Client: Regular Wildcat
Project: Litmus – A Surfing Odyssey DVD, The Val Dusty Experiment
Role: DVD Design & Authoring, DVD Extras production

  • Designed DVD menus and navigation
  • Produced, Directed & Edited music video Elizabeth
  • Cover and Disc Art (first edition)

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Litmus - a surfing odyssey
Litmus - a surfing odyssey